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Best Deck Stain for Canada

Best Deck Stain for Canada’s harsh climate.

Choosing a deck stain these days takes more things into consideration such as the environment. Many deck stain companies are being forced to comply with these tighter regulations or be forced out of business. Areas like Canada have stricter guidelines than other areas for shipping deck stain.

Obviously, Canada also has some pretty harsh weather that can wreak havoc on a deck stain. Long hard winters and large amounts of snowfall can deteriorate an unprotected deck in little time. So finding a VOC compliant deck stain that will hold up to Canadian winters can be a little tricky. To answer the common question “what is the best deck stain for Canada” we will take a look at a couple different brands.

Defy Extreme is a water based VOC compliant formula that is still durable enough for Canadian weather. Defy Extreme will outperform all other water based stains on the market. This unique deck stain combines Nano particles and synthetic resins to produce a one of a kind formula that provides optimal UV protection like no other tinted transparent wood stain.

Defy is a penetrating stain that will dive deep into the wood pores so moisture cannot get in. This is an excellent choice compared to film forming stains that stay on the surface and would not hold up well to harsh weather conditions. Defy’s high performing, low VOC formula makes it a good candidate for the best deck stain for Canada.

Another great choice for the best deck stain for Canada is Armstrong Clark Deck Stains. If you prefer oil based formula rather than water based, then this stain is ideal. Its low odor oil formula is compliant with all environmental standards in Canada.

This unique formula is specially designed to revitalize the wood by replacing its missing natural oils. These oils are non-drying and condition the wood while the drying oils form a protective barrier on the surface. It will stand up to harsh winters and ensure maximum protection in a low VOC formula perfect for Canada.

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  1. Matt says:

    Canada now has Thompson's Penetrating Timber Oil. How does this compare to Armstrong and Clark stain?

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