This post was updated on November 22, 2022

If you are finding that your deck stain is streaky then this is likely due to two different reasons. You may have applied the deck stain in the direct sunlight, but more importantly in too warm of temperatures. Ideally, you want to apply deck stain in temperatures of 55-90 degrees. If however it also falls within the line of direct sunlight, that can affect how it goes on and stay on.

Streaky Deck StainDeck Stain Applied Unevenly

Another thing to consider if your deck stain is streaky is that you did not apply it evenly. You want to be sure to do one thorough coat and give it time to dry. Then depending on the type of deck stain you used, you will then apply the second coat. Be sure it is applied evenly and that the surface is dry and not too hot. This should help to avoid that streaky appearance that you never looks good.

More Info on Streaky Deck Stains

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